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New things…



I seem to be spending quite a lot on craft things so far, but its so exciting having new things to use and try! These are the new things I have bought in the last few days, but I’m now not buying anything else until next pay day..I will just have to play with the things I have got.

I especially love looking at all the papers in my local craft shop..there are so many I love, but I’m trying to just buy a couple of ‘main’ papers at a time so that I get use out if the ones I do choose..I’m also trying to choose papers that work together so that I can use them on more than one card. It is fun though, and so far I am loving card making and crafting (although I haven’t yet given a card away – I feel a bit worried about what other people might think of them so I haven’t dared!

I was watching some YouTube videos about using my new pro-markers last night, so I’m looking forward to trying them out tonight too to see how I get on with them. I will keep you posted xxx








More card practice..


We have finally got our very own Internet connection after 3 years in our house..we were using my dads (who lives net door but one) before but it was slow and unreliable..feels good to know that I will have the internet whenever I want!

So this card is another made using a layout I found on Pinterest ( and I wanted to use the same layout. I used clear stamps and watercolours, and backgrounds from a book of papers that I bought for Christmas cards, although these colours are not particularly Christmassy 🙂 it’s the first time I’ve used clear stamps and I liked using them. I found it hard to use watercolours though as the stamps are quite small, and so I have invested in some pro markers from amazon to try on stamps 🙂

I’ve got no idea what I’m going to try next, although at some point I want to get some baby related thank you cards bump is due in 13 weeks and I saw a link for thank you cards following the gifts that are received..thought it was a nice idea 🙂 I think my next card though will be using my new pro markers, once I have looked up how best to use them!

Close up of water colouring:


Craft therapy..


I’ve been back at work this week, after having last week off, and it has been a really stressful week with lots going on. There have been good bits, but also a lot of stressful things which has caused sleepless nights ( I’m a social worker for older people, and sometimes I just can’t avoid taking my work home with’s on my mind whether I like it or not!)
So last night after sitting worrying for a while I decided to do some craft, and make a card I’ve been thinking about making for a few days. I saw a link on Pinterest for a four squared card (see here if interested) so I wanted to try a similar layout for myself 🙂
I’m really pleased with the result of this card actually..I haven’t added a sentiment as I wanted it to be a card which I can use for anything, but I found it really therapeutic and calming to just sit and make a card again, and I’ve kept it quite simple on purpose.
I think my next card might be something using a stamp I bought the other day but haven’t used yet (my first clear stamp!) and a layout I’ve seen on Pinterest (again!)

Card attempt two…

Card attempt two...

Card attempt two…

This is my second card attempt. I wanted to try a valentines day card, but wanted to keep it quite simple. I used some of the same card from my last card to try not to waste too much paper, but i do think that the colours match up too.

I’m not quite as happy with this card as i was with my first one. I cut the middle of the lace doily out, but it was really difficult to cut neatly, aand also really hard to glue into place…i don’t think glue was the right thing to use, although i’m still not sure what i could have used! But – i really enjoyed making this card, and i enjoyed trying a few new things and seeing how they worked – i’ve learnt a lot that will come in useful on another card i think 🙂

Out of interest, what glue do people recommend for card making? Something multi purpose as i have a limited budget and space for storage! I’ve just been using a Pritt stick as it was in my local craft shop,and a glue pen for gluing ribbon and lace, but i feel like there might be a better option.

Close up’s of the centre circle, and punched border:

Circle close up..

Circle close up..

Border punch close up.

Border punch close up.


My next card attempt will be to use a ‘four square’ template that i saw on Pinterest and liked – will post when it’s done 🙂 xxx

My first birthday card craft attempt


This is the result of my first ever birthday card attempt. I’m new to card making (just made a few cards at Christmas) but want to keep it up as I enjoyed it so much. So I visited my local craft shop and topped up what I have. I kept it quite simple, nothing too elaborate, but it gave me a fun night in, although I don’t have a craft space so my rug afterwards was very messy and everything got very spread out!

To make this card I used:

– A Martha Stewart love heart punch – first time I’ve used a punch and I like the results – will be getting more when my budget allows!
Some general tags which have all sorts of sayings and can be used for all different occasions.
Some vintage style paper by theresa collins as I wanted a timeless look, and this caught my eye 🙂

– I am really pleased with the result – considering that I pretty much guess what I’m doing, I think the end result has come out well.

– My next card attempt is going to be a valentines day card – early, but I got some lovely pink paper and with the punch I think I could make a half decent attempt at it. I can’t wait to start actually! I will post the results when finished…

Any comments / advice is always appreciated xxx