My first birthday card craft attempt


This is the result of my first ever birthday card attempt. I’m new to card making (just made a few cards at Christmas) but want to keep it up as I enjoyed it so much. So I visited my local craft shop and topped up what I have. I kept it quite simple, nothing too elaborate, but it gave me a fun night in, although I don’t have a craft space so my rug afterwards was very messy and everything got very spread out!

To make this card I used:

– A Martha Stewart love heart punch – first time I’ve used a punch and I like the results – will be getting more when my budget allows!
Some general tags which have all sorts of sayings and can be used for all different occasions.
Some vintage style paper by theresa collins as I wanted a timeless look, and this caught my eye 🙂

– I am really pleased with the result – considering that I pretty much guess what I’m doing, I think the end result has come out well.

– My next card attempt is going to be a valentines day card – early, but I got some lovely pink paper and with the punch I think I could make a half decent attempt at it. I can’t wait to start actually! I will post the results when finished…

Any comments / advice is always appreciated xxx





6 responses to “My first birthday card craft attempt

  1. Thanks very much for liking my post please feel free to email me whenever about your creations as this is a pretty good start! X

  2. Hi this is a great first attempt keep them coming.
    If I can offer one bit of advice try and see if your local craft shop hosts crop evenings its a great way to make craft friends and you can share supplies such as punches so that can keep your costs down. Sarah x

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your comment and advice – i would love to go to the classes at my local craft shop, and got a card telling me when they all are etc, but they’re all daytime classes and since i work full time and have a 3 year old too, it’s impossible to make the time at the moment. I might see if any other craft shops have evening classes as that would be better for me though 🙂

  3. Hi there, thanks for the lovely comments you left over on my blog 🙂

    Love your valentine card.. keep up the good work!! .. looking forward to seeing the 4 square card once you have made it

    Sarah 🙂

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