Craft therapy..


I’ve been back at work this week, after having last week off, and it has been a really stressful week with lots going on. There have been good bits, but also a lot of stressful things which has caused sleepless nights ( I’m a social worker for older people, and sometimes I just can’t avoid taking my work home with’s on my mind whether I like it or not!)
So last night after sitting worrying for a while I decided to do some craft, and make a card I’ve been thinking about making for a few days. I saw a link on Pinterest for a four squared card (see here if interested) so I wanted to try a similar layout for myself 🙂
I’m really pleased with the result of this card actually..I haven’t added a sentiment as I wanted it to be a card which I can use for anything, but I found it really therapeutic and calming to just sit and make a card again, and I’ve kept it quite simple on purpose.
I think my next card might be something using a stamp I bought the other day but haven’t used yet (my first clear stamp!) and a layout I’ve seen on Pinterest (again!)


One response to “Craft therapy..

  1. Loving the cards 🙂 Pinterest is so addictive I get loads of Ideas from there.

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