More card practice..


We have finally got our very own Internet connection after 3 years in our house..we were using my dads (who lives net door but one) before but it was slow and unreliable..feels good to know that I will have the internet whenever I want!

So this card is another made using a layout I found on Pinterest ( and I wanted to use the same layout. I used clear stamps and watercolours, and backgrounds from a book of papers that I bought for Christmas cards, although these colours are not particularly Christmassy 🙂 it’s the first time I’ve used clear stamps and I liked using them. I found it hard to use watercolours though as the stamps are quite small, and so I have invested in some pro markers from amazon to try on stamps 🙂

I’ve got no idea what I’m going to try next, although at some point I want to get some baby related thank you cards bump is due in 13 weeks and I saw a link for thank you cards following the gifts that are received..thought it was a nice idea 🙂 I think my next card though will be using my new pro markers, once I have looked up how best to use them!

Close up of water colouring:



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