New things…



I seem to be spending quite a lot on craft things so far, but its so exciting having new things to use and try! These are the new things I have bought in the last few days, but I’m now not buying anything else until next pay day..I will just have to play with the things I have got.

I especially love looking at all the papers in my local craft shop..there are so many I love, but I’m trying to just buy a couple of ‘main’ papers at a time so that I get use out if the ones I do choose..I’m also trying to choose papers that work together so that I can use them on more than one card. It is fun though, and so far I am loving card making and crafting (although I haven’t yet given a card away – I feel a bit worried about what other people might think of them so I haven’t dared!

I was watching some YouTube videos about using my new pro-markers last night, so I’m looking forward to trying them out tonight too to see how I get on with them. I will keep you posted xxx








2 responses to “New things…

  1. Crafting turns into an expensive hobby, so many nice things that you just have to have 🙂

    Glad you decided to give the pro markers a try, make sure you use the correct ink to stamp with or it will turn into one big smudge.

    Have fun trying them.

    Sarah x

  2. Your new things look lovely and I am sure you will have lots of fun with them. I have to agree there is always heaps of beautiful things to choose from though.

    I think it is nice to receive a handmade card (no matter what it looks like). I don’t think most people are going to look at the design of your card or your colouring or whatever and critique it. Probably most people are going to think how nice it is for someone to make them a card.

    Enjoy your new things 🙂

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