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Cross stitch


I thought that since I haven't posted for a while I would blog the reason why 🙂 I've not been making many cards, as I am not allowing myself to buy new papers etc until pay day and so I've run out of inspiration. However, I've done cross stitch for a long time,and have always spent a lot of free time doing that..this one is one that I have been doing since roughly September time on and off..they take a lot of time, dedication and patience but are so rewarding when finished. This is my fourth cross stitch, so I will post my completed ones too if anyone is interested:)

I'm still reading all the blogs I follow and enjoying everyone's updates, and will post again soon 🙂


Thank you cards


I made a few thank you my baby is only ten weeks from being due I thought I would start to get sorted so that I can give thank you cards for any gifts. I’ve made four, and will make a few more but a bit different another time (when I feel that I can stay awake after work!)

Everyone is commenting on bump now, it is well and truly obvious!

I enjoyed making these little cards, hope you like them too :)xxx

Another cake card


This card is not quite as was intended but I’m still pleased with it. I love my cake stamps and wanted to use them again, and I thought I wold try a ‘shelf’ effect for the cakes to sit on. It was going to be for my auntie who is 65 next week, but I think I want to do another one for my auntie and wait until I have some different paper to make one for my auntie.

Positives of this week: I had some ‘me’ time this week as I was off work poorly. Not nice to be poorly but nice to have some time for me.
– my little girl and I have planned a teddy bears picnic to have today. Amelia has specific requests (green jelly, big cake with cherries on, pineapple) and she has helped me plan and get ready for it. She’s very excited, and a little girl the same age is coming to join us for it so it will be nice for her 🙂


Thank you card


This card was made with my auntie in mind. She’s bought us lots of lovely things for bump, and I wanted to make her a card to say thank you 🙂 I’m really pleased with this card, I like the way it’s turned out 🙂 and I had fun using my pro markers again!

Next on my list to buy are a couple of distress inks I think 🙂 I like the effects on other cards and want to try them for myself! Trying to wait until pay day though – I must introduce a budget two crafting accessories!


Enduring love


This card is for valentines day, but is quite personal to me too. As a social worker for older people, I have seen how much people will sacrifice without asking anything in return, because of love. One example out of many is a man who supports his wife with dementia – he is awake night and day, has to constantly be aware to check that she is safe and well, and has his own health issues too. But he never complains – he says that for as long as he can he will look after his wife and make sure that she can stay in her home with him. It’s difficult for him at times, but he does it all because of love.

This is what I thought of when I saw the quote on the card ‘the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.’ I wanted my card to centre on that quote, as for me it sums up that some people give without asking for anything in return because of love and because of their relationship with that person. The people I work with will never know how much they inspire and humble me, but for me they demonstrate the truth of love, and this is what I waned my card to show.

So that’s what this card is about; sorry for the long post but I thought the background was important! I made this card quite simple, focusing on the man quote, and I framed this using punched card (weathered tin) and my Martha Stewart love heart punch. I also added some gems for extra bling 🙂

Close up of the quote below:


Card with pro markers


This is the birthday card I have made, using clear stamps and pro markers to colour the cakes. I love the pro markers and will defiantly be using them a lot I think. I’ve always loved colouring and so they’re great, and I like how the effect changes depending on how they are used.

I tried to keep this card simple, just letting the card and stamps speak for themselves really.

Positives of the last week: had my antenatal appointment and found out my bump is fine and everything is going well – 12 weeks until she arrives to create chaos along with her big sister 🙂 and I’ve had a lovely day with my three year old today, having a picnic dinner and playing lots of games .

I’ve added a close up of my card below: