Enduring love


This card is for valentines day, but is quite personal to me too. As a social worker for older people, I have seen how much people will sacrifice without asking anything in return, because of love. One example out of many is a man who supports his wife with dementia – he is awake night and day, has to constantly be aware to check that she is safe and well, and has his own health issues too. But he never complains – he says that for as long as he can he will look after his wife and make sure that she can stay in her home with him. It’s difficult for him at times, but he does it all because of love.

This is what I thought of when I saw the quote on the card ‘the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.’ I wanted my card to centre on that quote, as for me it sums up that some people give without asking for anything in return because of love and because of their relationship with that person. The people I work with will never know how much they inspire and humble me, but for me they demonstrate the truth of love, and this is what I waned my card to show.

So that’s what this card is about; sorry for the long post but I thought the background was important! I made this card quite simple, focusing on the man quote, and I framed this using punched card (weathered tin) and my Martha Stewart love heart punch. I also added some gems for extra bling 🙂

Close up of the quote below:



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