Another cake card


This card is not quite as was intended but I’m still pleased with it. I love my cake stamps and wanted to use them again, and I thought I wold try a ‘shelf’ effect for the cakes to sit on. It was going to be for my auntie who is 65 next week, but I think I want to do another one for my auntie and wait until I have some different paper to make one for my auntie.

Positives of this week: I had some ‘me’ time this week as I was off work poorly. Not nice to be poorly but nice to have some time for me.
– my little girl and I have planned a teddy bears picnic to have today. Amelia has specific requests (green jelly, big cake with cherries on, pineapple) and she has helped me plan and get ready for it. She’s very excited, and a little girl the same age is coming to join us for it so it will be nice for her 🙂



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