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This is a card i made that i’m really pleased with – i gave it to my boyfriends nana for her 90th birthday – i think that overall this card has just worked really well and is a card i … Continue reading

Thank you cards again


This week has felt very tiring..5 weeks before my bump is due, still working full time and a busy 3 year old can be hard. But the good things have been that I love my time with my 3 year old – she sings a really cute song about loving people at the minute which just makes me smile every time. And I got my paper order from paper mill – the paper is great quality and I have loads so plenty to keep me going. I’ve made one card and am looking forward to making more 🙂

I made these thank you cards to just add to the collection when bump is born. When Amelia was born we got so many gifts, and I wanted to have a few cards so that I could say thank you for them 🙂 got 7 cards now..probably not enough but I might make a few more before my due date 🙂 sorry about the awful photos, when I have time ill learn to take better photos.

I need t make a 90th birthday card for Craig’s nana tonight I think – its her party on Saturday so want to make a card she will like.



Favourite craft techniques?

No cards today – I’ve run out of double sided tape which I didn’t realise was so Important until I haven’t got any! Not being able to make anything has made me the about wanting to look at something new to try. So I’ve thought about my top ten craft items – if anyone has any craft items that are essential let me know as I can then think about adding it to my wish list of things I want to try – there are so many different techniques and items that I don’t know where to start!

So, m top en card making items so far are:

1. Background card (obvious but essential!) I tend to just use plan white card although I have ordered some thicker card from paper mill which. Just need to pick up from my post office 🙂

2. Pretty papers – my favourite part of card making is playing with different colours and patterns and seeing what works together – for me this is essential for making cards.

3. Clear stamps – i like rubber stamps too, but I have been buying clear stamp sets while starting it to build up my options when making cards as they are cheaper and there tends to be a few stamps in each set to try.

4. Memento black no for stamping – I’ve been stamping on every card and so couldn’t do without this.

5. Pro markers – I bought these on the advice of another blogger and I’m pleased I did – I’m not very talented with them as I am still a bit worried about doing it ‘wrong’ and so like to keep it simple but. Love the different effects from using them n different ways.

6. Foam pads – to create a 3d effect and make the main image stand out I love these.

7. Ribbon. I like to add some ribbon or lace at the end as a finishing touch – it jus seems to add a bit of extra flair to a card. Trying to be careful not to go over the top with this though!

8. Gems – again, I got these on the advice of another blogger and they’re great, I’m not sure what. Did without them. They just add the final touch to a card 🙂

9. Acrylic block – for sticking the clear stamps to. Easily overlooked but I couldn’t stamp without it!

10. Scissors – just using basic scissors a the moment but it is fiddled a times. Obvious but another thing I couldn’t do without. And double sided tape – haven’t got enough room to write this now but I can’t make a card without it!!

That about sums up the whole of the card equipment I have – interested in trying something new or finds out others ‘essential items’ to get ideas of what I might buy next 🙂

Thanks xx

More cards


For this card I used a rubber stamp that I haven’t used before but have had for a few weeks. I wanted to create the effect of the girl being on a swing and I think that this card works pretty well – I used my pro markers again and just tried to keep it simple as I do with all of my cards.

I’m tired tonight, feels like its been a long week. Going to lay on the sofa and watch a film now 🙂 i saw the midwife this week though and bump is doing well – in the right position and measuring right so I feel relieved that things seem to be going well.

I will post again soon xxx


Same theme,different card


So after my post yesterday, I had some leftover papers still to use. I decided to make a card using the same colours but to make it different. This is the result..I’m pleased with this card and its andher be to add to my stock 🙂 xxx

I love when cards work out..


I’ve had a good day at work again, and am feeling pretty good, so tonight when I started making a card I think I must have been in a positive frame of mind. This has helped I think as I’ve made a card I’m really pleased with. This is to build up my supply again as we used two for Mother’s Day (Craig gave one to his mum too) and so I wanted to make another general card which can be used as needed.

I feel that he colours on this card work really nicely, and it just felt nice and relaxing to make, it all just seemed to come together.

I ordered some new card from the paper mill online shop yesterday – lots of basic card stock but some textured and some with different background colours, just to build up my stock 🙂 along with my book of different decorative papers I’m starting to get a few supplies now – still want a few new stamps and maybe to learn to use distress ink, and maybe some more pro markers and embellishments / lace but these will be acquired over time..loving this hobby – although its not something I do everyday it’s nice to challenge myself and be creative..I always like to do something and so this is a nice thing to do 🙂



Mother’s Day


This is my Mother’s Day card take two..I like this one better, It felt strange using a blue background but m pleased with the results and I think my mum will like it 🙂 I love the stamp too – cant even remember the make or anything but I like it anyway!

I’ve had a pretty good day at work today – lots of things have gone well and I’ve had some nice thank you’d from families which is always nice 🙂 so feeling quite good, and still enjoying making cards for people xx



It’s a bit of a miracle that this card has materialised at all. I don’t know if its because I had a gap from making cards but this card went wrong and I had to reinvent it. I love the background paper, and wanted to make it for Mother’s Day. I’m still not 100% happy with it though – I think it lacks something but I don’t know what. It took me all last night and I just got fed up in the end! I did one card and it looked bad so I took everything off the background card and started again.

I will try something new tonight I think and see what happens. I need to just have some fun and play around 🙂


Better late than never..


It’s been a while since I made a card, partly because of budgeting, partly because I’ve been busy with my cross stitch and partly because I didn’t know what I wanted to make. Tonight I’ve made another card – not one of my favourites as I had a bit of a creative block but I stuck with it and have ended up with a card I can give out with no worries 🙂

I was trying to make a different type of card that I saw on Pinterest (link here:)

But this looked rubbish when I tried it so I started again, used a background and cut the circles out and still used them. So my card has ended up different but not a total disaster in the end 🙂

I’ve bought some new papers, a distress ink to try out and some new stamps so will post something again soon xxx