I love when cards work out..


I’ve had a good day at work again, and am feeling pretty good, so tonight when I started making a card I think I must have been in a positive frame of mind. This has helped I think as I’ve made a card I’m really pleased with. This is to build up my supply again as we used two for Mother’s Day (Craig gave one to his mum too) and so I wanted to make another general card which can be used as needed.

I feel that he colours on this card work really nicely, and it just felt nice and relaxing to make, it all just seemed to come together.

I ordered some new card from the paper mill online shop yesterday – lots of basic card stock but some textured and some with different background colours, just to build up my stock 🙂 along with my book of different decorative papers I’m starting to get a few supplies now – still want a few new stamps and maybe to learn to use distress ink, and maybe some more pro markers and embellishments / lace but these will be acquired over time..loving this hobby – although its not something I do everyday it’s nice to challenge myself and be creative..I always like to do something and so this is a nice thing to do 🙂




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