Best so far…


This is a card i made that i’m really pleased with – i gave it to my boyfriends nana for her 90th birthday – i think that overall this card has just worked really well and is a card i am reall happy with. I bought the flower as a rubber stamp – it was expensive but worth it as i think i will use it a lot. The card is from a big book of papers i bought to save money, and it’s one of my favourites, and i just added some flower embellishments to dress it up a little 🙂

In other news, i have now finished work for maternity leave – baby is due in just over three weeks now – it feels strange thinking that i wont be at work anymore – it’s been bank holiday weekend so it hasn’t really kicked in to seem real yet. I will miss my work friends and the feeling of reward that comes when things go right, but i definately wont miss the stress, business and sleepless nights worrying about how people are.

Close up of my card …




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