Delayed card


Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while, I have made a few cards but jus haven’t found time to bog them, which is strange as I’m not even working now that I’ve started maternity leave! However, my ‘nesting’ instinct has kicked in and so a lot of time is spent cleaning, including getting up at 2am a couple of times to give the house a tidy!

This card is one that I made for my basket of spare cards. I enjoy practicing with my stamps and pro markers, and was happy with the effect of this card – it seems to me like a more light hearted card.

I have bought a few bits from my local craft shop today too which I am looking forward to trying, and I bought a paper trimmer with my birthday money which has made making cards s much faster!

I’ve also found out more about a local card making class weekly which I’m hoping to go to next Tuesday unless baby comes (she’s due next Wednesday) in which case I will go to the class once I get into a routine with new baba 🙂

Good things this week:
– having time to actually do things at home.
– being with Amelia – today we have visited my nana, done some child craft (painting pine cones)
– being able to cook fresh, healthy meals – we’ve had lots of healthy foods this week.
– getting closer everyday to meeting bump

Everything is generally good other than the general pregnanc aches pains and sleeplessness, which I’m hoping wont last too much longer!



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