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My first challenge – seize the sketch


Tonight I had to make a birthday card for my friend, and I saw the seizethesketch#2 on another bloggers post, and decided to give it a go – the first challenge I’ve decided to try as I liked the challenge layout, and it gave me so many ideas that could work with it.

I really enjoyed doing this as from the layout I got the idea in my head of how I wanted my card to be. I knew I wanted to focus on just using black and white as I like the contrast, and I decided to use an urban stamp that I got new today as I really like it – I seem to like anything to do with butterflies to be honest!

I am pleased with this card – if I’m being critical I think I would like to just alter tiny tiny bits, but i think that with every card i make! I appreciate any feedback that is given 🙂 xxx


A well done card


This is a card that I’ve made for my little sister – she got her GCSE results last week, and although she was disappointed she did really really well- unfortunately she didn’t quite get the grades to do her a chosen A levels at college, as she needed B grades instead of C, so she’s re-sitting. But still, she did well and I wanted to show her that m proud of her and thinking of her.

The card is again quite simple – I’m pleased with it -not sure if it needed a little extra something, but not sure what and where and so I decided not to go overboard – I didn’t want to spoil it by adding stuff it doesn’t need! It’s always quite difficult to balance when it needs more and when more becomes too much.

I’m hoping to walk to the craft shop today to get some new papers and materials – I’ve been looking forward to getting new bits for ages but have been waiting for pay day! Can’t wait 🙂


Hello again…


Hi all – it’s been 4 months since I’ve made any cards – I had my baby girl in may, and since then life has been great but very busy, and I just haven’t managed to make any cards. I also had a bit of a card making identity crisis – I made a card about a month ago which went completely wrong and so I took some extra time to think about the type of cards I want to make. I’ve just had a look through my old posts, from my first card to my latest card and actually, I’ve realised that I’ve come a long way since my first cards in january. I’ve got a long way to go, but I think card making and craft is just about enjoying the process and the journey and not trying to be ‘perfect’ and trying to be as good as some of the other amazing card makers on the blogs that I’ve seen. I’m still a beginner, and I want to enjoy making cards rather than doubting the end results.

So, after that bit of philosophy, here’s my latest card: it’s a birthday card for a 4 year old girl whose party we are at next week. I am really happy with this card. I like quite simple cards and so I tried to keep this card simple but effective, and the teddy bears are some embellishments that my mum bout me just after Rosie was born. I hope that the little girl it’s for will like this card, but either way I, pleased with the result! I’ve used some pink card bought from paper mill, and that’s about it!

I have got the bug again now and so am going to make my little sister a well done card next, as she did well with her GCSE results. Will post again when I’ve finished it 🙂

Katherine xxx