My baby, Rosie is 5 months and a week old, and so I’ve started getting ready to wean her. I didn’t realise how controversial weaning actually is – there seem to be three main sections when it comes to baby weaning:

1. Purees. This is the traditional method of purring vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, pears, bananas etc, and spoon feeding a baby from 6 months, starting with lump free and gradually increasing the lumps and textures.
2. Baby led weaning. This is allowing a baby to self feed from 6 months, and is basically an ‘anything goes’ as long as there are no allergies etc, and with a few exceptions (whole grapes, olives and more) just. Giving a baby what you have, letting them play with it until they decide to eat it. I heard it described that baby led weaning is teaching a baby to chew first while pureeing is teaching them to swallow first.
3. Jars. Self explanatory really, using just jars of baby food.

I already know that I’m quite anti jars. If people do use them that’s their choice and everyone has their reasons, but personally for me, it’s cheaper, healthier and more interesting to prepare a baby’s food and so I’m not planning on giving Rosie jarred food.

Between the other two I’ve been debating which is best. I think I’ve settled on a combination of both – I used purees with my now 3 year old daughter and she now has a good appetite (even if she does have more of a sweet tooth than I would ideally like her to have!) but she loves fruit, will eat most veg and try new things. I can’t ask for much more, and I’m a firm believer that when babies are introduced to healthy foods when weaned this carries through to childhood and beyond.

With Rosie I think I’m going to use purees – I’ve started getting some ready, and have made carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips so far – I’ve made them in ice cube trays and frozen them – enough to make loads of meals. I like purees because its cleaner, there’s little risk of choking, and I know the portion she’s getting is right (one ice cube serving is one portion, and I can just increase this as she gets older!) but I think that I like the idea of also giving her foods to control herself, especially fruit I think. So – I’m going to start with purees, and once I’ve introduced a few staples food and I feel confident, ill start to introduce ‘finger foods.’

I can’t wait to start!! I don’t know why, but with Rosie I feel so much more impatient to start feeding her, but am waiting until 6 months or until I am sure she is ready – I keep telling myself that jus because I want to wean her doesn’t mean that she wants to be weaned.

If anyone has any advice, suggestions or tips these would be gratefully received – I’m still just muddling through!!



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