Wait for it – homemade (and very easy!) crisps


Today I was thinking about what jobs I should be doing, while actually sitting reading my favourite blogs, when I came across a really exciting idea, and just had to get up and try it straight away! It was for homemade, microwaveable crisps – and, using just three ingredients! The original post is here:

This mummy http://thismummy.com/easy-microwave-homemade-crisps/#comment-15737 in case the link doesn’t work – I’m still a bit new (this maybe should read rubbish!) at blogging.

Basically, you get a potato, slice it as thinly as possible (I just used a knife as that’s all I had, but a grater works well (and possibly better) too. Spray a plate with oil (I used olive oil, but decanted it into my spray light oil tub as that had run out) and then place the sliced potatoes on a plate. Make sure they don’t touch each other as they will stick together. Spray the top and sprinkle with salt (I also added a bit of vinegar to a batch of mine, which also worked).

Microwave the crisps for anywhere from 3-6 minutes – I did it for 2 minutes and then a minute at a time and kept an eye on them. When they go crispy and start to brown they are ready.

It takes a few batches to cook a full potato (mine took 4 batches and about 25 minutes) in total, but I then did them as an amazing picnic dinner for me and my little girl – healthier than fried crisps, and delicious. We both loved them and this is definatly going to be a regular recipe idea for us -I also think it will be great when we make our ‘buffet dinners’ when we have people come for nibbles – they look impressive but are very simple and yummy.

I’m going to try the same thing with sweet potatoes next! And maybe some herbs, see how that goes. Lots of possibilities.

Hope you enjoy too!



One response to “Wait for it – homemade (and very easy!) crisps

  1. So glad you liked the idea! When I saw about them I had to make them immediately too hehe. L x

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