The things I don’t Manage…


The things I am no good at in the world of full time mum are:

1. Ironing. I absolutely never iron unless it is a dress that is so so creased it can’t be worn unless its ironed. And then I often ask my boyfriend to iron it – he’s better at ironing than I am.

2. Gardening. My front garden (especially my drive) is full of weeds. Cutting the grass is the most I can manage, everything else can sort itself out.

3. Washing up after tea. About 80% of the time I leave it until morning. I know I shouldn’t but I just can’t find the energy to wash them at night, so I leave them.

4. Myself. I don’t seem to manage anything to make myself look nice. Getting a shower is usually a good day, so drying my hair / putting make up on or wearing anything nice is generally not going to happen unless its a special occasion.

5. Washing windows. They seem like a huge job, so I just close the blinds!

6. Car cleaning. It usually gets absolutely full of junk that accumulates and I can draw patterns on the outside because of the dirt, then ill clean it. That’s about twice a year.

7. Keeping my house tidy. I do try, but its an ongoing war, and as soon as my back is turned the rooms ate full of toys and clutter again. It’s like our house has mess fairies (or maybe that’s just us!) and it’s impossible for it to stay tidy.

The things I am good at in the world of full time mum are:

1. Listening to my girls. I love to listen to my older girls (3 almost 4) chatter about nursery, life and anything else, and to my baby’s (5 months) random babble.

2. Playing. My baby loves peek a boo and tickles, my older girl loves races, hide and seek, tig, pirates, parks, painting…the list is endless.

3. Cooking. We almost always have a good home cooked meal each evening, and a couple of times a week ill do a home cooked pudding. I get my older girl to help me, and we have fun and always have something good to eat.

4. Talking to my girls about right and wrong, good and bad and making sure they have boundaries and structure in each day.

5. Exploring the world – we learn something everywhere we go – it could be finding and talking about acorns, numbers, social skills. We love going out and about and it’s so good for the girls.

6. ‘Summer school’ as we still call it – spending time with my older girl doing some fun educational activities – letters, numbers, art etc.

I am sure there are some parents out there who can somehow manage everything and have a beautiful house while being a brilliant parent. That parent isn’t me, but I guess if some things have to slip, I’d rather it be my house type jobs rather than my parenting. As long as my girls are happy, smiling, confident, interested in the world and having fun, i think I can live with the undone jobs.



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