Today We were invited for tea at my sisters house – a last minute informal tea 🙂 I decided to make a cake, had a look through my baking bookmarks and found this: perfect Victoria sponge

This is such an easy to make sponge cake – literally put the ingredients in a bowl, mix, put in tins and into the oven. It rose brilliantly and tasted lovely, making a big cake. This would be great to make with the kids too, except today when. Asked Amelia if she wanted to help me bake, she replied with ‘maybe later, mum.’ Everyone enjoyed it after tea too, always a bonus!

This is another recipe I will be making again – ill probably add lemon / orange zest and juice next time as I love the flavour of them in a nice sponge cake.



2 responses to “Cake!

  1. You have such a fabulous looking bake! Wonderful! =)

  2. oooo the orange and lemon zest sounds great!!

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