Little book of cleaning..

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Today I decided to do a project I've had in my mind for a while – to make a cleaning schedule to focus on a room each day, on a two weekly cycle so that each room is done properly once every two week, and just general tidying done in between.

I wasn't sure about how I wanted to make a schedule, so in the end I wrote out a list of jobs for each day in a two week period, a list of 'daily jobs' and an additional jobs section at the end. I have stuck each jobs section on with foam pads so that I can change them if I need to adapt it – particularly the additional jobs section as that will change each week.

My daily jobs is listed as:
– make beds
– open blinds
– toothbrushes away
– wipe shower screen
– wash pots
– wipe sides
– laundry
– general tidy
– tidy toys

Then one rooms each day is listed. An example is:

Monday (front room)
– Hoover
– mop
– polish
– wipe sofa
– de-clutter
– wipe blinds
– wash windows
– febreeze.

I did this list today, and it took me about an hour and half which I thought was about right….hopefully this will reduce eventually as things like windows won't need washing quite so thoroughly every time 🙂

Will see how this goes, I just wanted to share 🙂



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