Birthday dilemma


My oldest daughter is 4 next month and I’m having a dilemma about what to do. I really hate the ‘usual’ kids birthday parties (the hired hall with bouncy castle, tables of buffet food and lots and lots of kids) for the following reasons:

1. They are expensive. To hire a hall, a bouncy castle, get food and cake costs around £200. That’s for 2 hours. That’s money I don’t really have while on maternity leave.

2. They’re impersonal. It’s not a personalised party and the kids could be a anyone’s party. They are all the same, and that means its not special for my girl.

3. They’re awkward for parents. Especially if its not someone you know well. The children are playing, leaving parents a bit lost/ feeling awkward.

4. You always get at least one crying child. Usually more. And often the child whose party it is as it can all be very overwhelming.

5. It’s not really a celebration between the parents and child. For me, I want to remember and celebrate the birth of my child ( not the pain bit though!)


Having said all that, for my girl a party is special, she would enjoy it and I feel like a bad mum if I don’t have a party for her.

The past 3 birthdays we have done tea parties at home with grand/great grand parents and very few kids. However, it’s busy, messy, and although fun ( I enjoy this more) shes at an age where she would rather have more children for it to be a ‘proper’ party.

I asked on twitter yesterday and I got a few suggestions, such as:

– A pottery party
– A cinema party
– A bowling party
– A teddy bears picnic party

These are all good ideas – I think a pottery party is for an older child, 4 is a bit young to concentrate for long, and I have images of a shop full of broken pottery so maybe this is an idea to save for in 2/3 years time.

A cinema party I love the idea of, but at home not in an actual cinema. However, I would limit numbers to only 3/4 other children as otherwise it is not really going to work. I could make tickets, popcorn, pizza and a couple of shortish, fun films for the children. Does this sound fun?

A bowling party is out – I’ve never taken Amelia bowling and don’t know if she even likes it.

A teddy bears picnic is another good idea, but I’m not sure how I could make this work.

Anyone had a successful home made party? Advice / suggestions wantedneeded!

Thank you 🙂


2 responses to “Birthday dilemma

  1. i’ve always steered clear of parties, keeping them to family only and my kids have so far been ok with that. I’m hoping that as soon as one demands a party i can sway him with a day out at a waterslide park or similar with 1 or 2 friends.
    Good luck!!!

    • I would steer clear too, but my boyfriend wants to have a party for her, and she wants a party too, so I’m a bit stuck. A day out instead sounds like way more fun actually, and might be a good compromise – I’m going to suggest it to Craig later and see what he thinks! xxx

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