Grateful friday

This week I am grateful for:

– The rain. I love the rain – listening to it outside, and using it as an excuse for lazy pj days.

– baking. I’ve learnt some nice new recipes this week, and look forward to learning more. Baking is something I’ve only started enjoying in the past 5 months ( since maternity leave) and I’m really enjoying it.

– my cleaning schedule. I’ve stuck to it all week, and my house is looking cleaner, and feeling much more manageable. This is a big positive for me.

– my family. I am grateful that I see my mum and dad most days, my sisters and nana every week, and that my support network is good.

– blog land (as I call it!) I’ve read some moving,funny, interesting, sad and beautiful blogs and I feel that i appreciate my life more and feel better for having read them.

– listening to my girls random chatter. There are times when she just talks and talks, and its so lovely, these times are magical and I wish I could capture so many moments forever, rather than them slipping away, never to happen again.


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