Educational fun for 3-5 year olds.



I wrote loads on my original post, and it disappeared when published? Bit confused, s I'm updating my post!

Amelia has been off nursery with chicken pox for a week now (she does mornings usually) and so since she's started feeling better i had a look for age appropriate educational activities for her, that would be fun!

The first experiment we did was to look at liquids – we got water (which I added blue food colouring to) oil, syrup and milk, and mixed them together to see what happened. The milk was really cool, and Amelia enjoyed some time talking about what happened to each of the liquids. It took 10-15 minutes but she really enjoyed this 🙂

The second experiment was with ice cubes – I froze some ice cubes the night before, and then got them out with different pots. In one pot I put cold water, in another cold water and in another nothing. This was a really fun activity, and Amelia loved melting the cubes in the warm water especially. We talked about melting, what ice is made of, what it turns back into, and how they are cold etc. and at the end we did some water play for an extra half an hour – got a bit wet but it was fun!



2 responses to “Educational fun for 3-5 year olds.

  1. Sorry to hear about your original post disappearing. One of my archived articles had all its illustrations sucked into the vortex somewhere in cyberspace. Now I have to spend an hour or two redoing it. I love the intense look on your little girl’s face!

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