‘Make for anything’ tomato sauce


Today for lunch I made pasta, with my anything goes sauce. Basically, I use any veg that needs using, passata or tinned tomatoes and herbs and just make it into a sauce that can be used for pizza sauce, meatballs, spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne, sausage casserole or pasta dishes.

Today I used onion, mushrooms, pepper, courgette, passata, garlic, basil, oregano, cumin, half a tin of baked beans (leftovers)and a bit of brown sauce, Worcester sauce and salt.

This is a sauce that has a lot of flavour and is so adaptable that I make it at least once a week – I love it! It makes sure no veggies go to waste as they can all go into this, and its really cheap, simple, quick and makes loads – this is easily enough for 2/3 lunches for me and my daughter, or enough for one main evening meal for 3 of us.

I would guess that the pasta dish I have made costs very little:

Half a bag of morissons savers pasta – 15p.
A yellow pepper from a bag of peppers – 40p
A quarter of a courgette – 10p
1 small onion from a bag of onions – 10p
Garlic from the lazy garlic range – love this, lasts months.
Herbs from cupboard
Half a carton of passata – 30p
Some grated cheddar on top – 15p

This whole meal comes to something close to 1.20, roughly 30p per portion. How’s that for cheap and cheerful šŸ™‚ and as a bonus my daughter loves it and is happy to eat it anytime I make it.

If anyone has any other really good cheap recipes I’d love to know them šŸ™‚ always looking for good, cheap recipes to add to my list.



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