Messy play


It’s an awful rainy day today so I decided its a perfect day to get the cornflour goo out for a bit of messy play, and a discussion about liquids / solids etc while we’re at it 🙂

I used to do this a lot when Amelia was youg, haven’t done it for months though. She loves it – I basically just let her do what she wants – she made spaghetti cakes, pasta in ice cubes ‘for baby food’ a witches potion, all sorts. We talked about textures – squid grey, soft, hard, gooey etc.

We have basically had loads of fun with stuff we already had in the house 🙂

If you want to do this too, buy some cornflour, just add with water – we put food colouring in too, and just mix until its the right texture – hard, but goes soft when stirred / touched.
Then just get out whatever else you have to play with – pots, pans, spoons, whatever.
I like to add uncooked pasta and half cooked cold spaghetti too just to add to the textures etc. but it’s basically up to you, go with what your child likes.



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