Where I live


I live in a town called grimsby? Have you heard of it? If you have, is it because its a/ a fishing town or b/ because its not very nice? You’d be right – it’s famous for being an old fishing town, and I have uncles who were fishermen. When the trade collapsed they ended up only with long term alcohol problems.

My parents were born in grimsby. Me and my sisters were born here. My girls were born here. I’ve lived here all my life, except for three years in Sheffield for uni, and 2 years in Preston. Both were okay, and we seriously considered moving to Lancashire as its beautiful, but in the end I found out I was pregnant, and that meant I wanted to come home, where my family are.

I like grimsby. As a place it’s okay – there are woods, fields, the sea is close by, parks, ponds and streams. There is green space. The houses are more affordable than some places, I have a job, and I have people who love us here.

For me, my family makes here home. My parents, nana, in laws, sisters etc. I have lots of support daily, and without this support I wouldn’t be fulfilled or happy. I wouldn’t really be me. My memories are here too. I have great memories of den making in the local woods, of playing in the streets, of riding my bike. When I lived away i didn’t have the same connections to the place I was. Here, I just know it and because I know it I feel comfortable.

My girls are growing up with brilliant family relationships. I had that, and I’m so glad that they will have that. They will understand like I do that family is always there, they love you unconditionally. There are nicer areas to live, but the area can’t give you hugs, can’t offer to babysit. I live next door but one to my parents, who live in the house I lived in from being about 8. I remember the lady who lived where I live now. I used to wave to her and see her in the garden a lot. Because I knew her, I feel that I know the history of our house, and feel a connection to the house.

So, even if grimsby is not that nice, if I could choose to live anywhere I’d still choose here.

I saw a blog post by hurrah for gin on where you live, originally posted by not supermum who wanted to find out what people thought of where they lived.



4 responses to “Where I live

  1. Aww wow your not too far from me!! I don’t go to Grimsby much though xx

    • Lol I’m not surprised, there’s not much here to make a special trip for 🙂 I do love Lincoln though, my friend went to uni in Lincoln so I stayed with her a few times, and me and my boyfriend stay there occasionally, it’s a good break away but not too far away Incase the girls get poorly or something x

  2. Lovely post thanks for the mention and joining in 🙂
    I totally agree, family is the most important thing and i live close to mine too. Can’t beat sleep overs ;)) x

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