Meal planning Monday

Well, yesterday the clutch broke in the car. It’s in the garage, but that means no car. I usually shop on a Sunday but didn’t yesterday, so it’s all about planning with what we’ve got. We have enough in freezer but nothing in fridge apart from carrot a bit of milk and butter. Oh well 🙂 add to that that my pay halved today as maternity pay goes down, and I have gone from wanting to budget to needing to if I want to buy Xmas presents for people!

Meals for the week:

Today- spaghetti and meatballs. I already have meatballs out,n sauce ready in freezer and spaghetti. Pretty cheap, easy and have everything. 🙂 and its my boyfriends favourite too lol.

Tuesday – pork chops, mash and frozen veg. Again got evening -got loads of potatoes left, pork in freezer and one carrot and plenty of frozen veg.

Wednesday – home made fish fingers, beans and wedges.

Thursday – halloween tea here. In laws are bringing pumpkin soup, I’m going to make hot dogs, green jelly with jelly bugs in, maybe home made pizza, and some kind of cake 🙂 my sister is bringing a chilli. Think, so will have plenty. Got to make some pictures later too, ready to stick up 🙂

Friday is family film night – my girl loves this. I reckon. Might do bacon sandwiches and microwave popcorn this week.

Saturday – not sure yet. Either jacket potatoes or tuna pasta I think.

Sunday – I’d like to make a roast chicken Sunday dinner, just got to buy a chicken 🙂

That’s it for this week, mostly using what I already have, other than a few bits.


Meal Planning Monday


4 responses to “Meal planning Monday

  1. Ohh everything sounds fab!! Especially Thursdays meal!! Yummy!

  2. Sounds like my week, sort of planned, sort of winging it lol x

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