The simple things..


Education doesn’t have to be complicated. Or use loads of materials. This is an activity that I do with my 3 year old (4 in 2 weeks!) to help her counting and number recognition.

I did this because at nursery last week, as soon as I got there Amelia’s key worker came to find me for ‘a word.’ She said that Amelia has gone backwards with her number recognition, and could she give me some bits to do with her at home. This annoyed me – I don’t believe in targets for children, just in making learning fun – but I thought that I would introduce a few of my own activities (not ones given to me by nursery.)

I was a bit worried that she is really behind with numbers, but I asked around and was reassured that Amelia is not the only one who doesn’t recognise numbers just yet. To be honest she’s just not that interested! So now I’m not going to worry about targets, but just have fun while trying to incorporate numbers slightly more often 🙂

Back to the activity! It’s so simple – write numbers on cups, put the right number of coins in each. This can be used in different ways – put them in, take them out, play ‘find the number’ mix the cups up and then put them back in the right order – whatever your child enjoys and wants to do basically! Amelia has really enjoyed it so far.

And when she’s had enough of coins ill put something else In the cups – stickers, blocks, ice cubes, whatever I can find that will fit in!

If anyone has other simple number activity ideas I would love i hear them 🙂



5 responses to “The simple things..

  1. Perceptions-of-Reality

    My son didn’t count to ten until he was 7 years old! Now his maths skill is average for his age. We used to use balloons with numbers on and hide them throughout the house then give him a card with a number on and ask him to fetch the ‘snap’ balloon. As he got better at this we would simply ask him to fetch the balloon with say the number 5 on it. He loved this game! Also fake shopping with tins etc with numbers stuck on them; ‘ now where is number 5’; (toy till to pay as well, with money I’d made with the numbers on it)…

    • I love these ideas, thank you. Might use your balloons idea but with her dolls as that’s what I have 🙂 and I am going to make a shop for her one rainy day, she will love it! Brilliant, thank you xx

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