Things to remember…

Some things that have made me smile lately…

1. ‘Can I share your toast mummy. I’ll check it’s not poisoned for you.’

2. ‘Baby Rosie is a great baby isn’t she.’

3. ‘I’m not Amelia, I’m Ariel.’ Sometimes this changes to Tiana / Cinderella.

4. ‘I don’t like my room because I don’t like my light.’

5. ‘Mummy I love you. You’re the most beautiful mummy in the world. And I’m the most beautiful little girl in the world aren’t I.’

6. ‘Lets leave a (fairy) cake for the fairies because its their favourite food.’ We left one on her windowsill overnight and she was so excited that the fairy ate the cake.

7. ‘Mum, you’re so jealous with Rosie,’ when I asked what jealous meant she replied ‘kind.’

8. At nursery, Amelia wore a sticker from the room on the Broom show she went to see. This is a conversation between her and a couple of others:
M – I haven’t seen room on the broom.
C – I have, I went and it was good.
R – don’t like room on the broom anyway.
Amelia – it’s okay R, the dragon isn’t even real.’

9. At Halloween Amelia was really really excited about us decorating the dining room for a Halloween tea party. It was then known as the spooky room – it still is a week later. And the front room got renamed the good room. No idea why, there’s no gold in it.

10. When Amelia sings yellow submarine she sings sum-barine instead.

11. Amelia loves to pick things up. I get a leaf, twig, flower, acorn or stone every day at some point. She says its because she loves me.

The silly things she says have stopped a lot now – she has long (really, really long!) random conversations about all-sorts, and the topic changes mid conversation sometimes as her mind moves onto something else. But those magical, funny quotes don’t come quite so often as they used to. I used to keep a diary, and capture some of the funny /cute things she said. I haven’t updated it for ages, but wanted to just write down a few things that made me smile. It might be boring for everyone else, but I know ill look back and remember, and these are things I don’t want to forget šŸ™‚



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