Grateful Friday..

This week has been so much better than last week – last Friday to Sunday I think I had a bit of an emotional breakdown – felt really tired, stressed and grumpy. But my parents had the girls for a couple of hours while i had a nap one day, and my boyfriend took them out another day so I could sleep,and that helped so much. Since then Rosie has started sleeping better – shes up twice still, but that’s better than 3 times and I’m getting enough sleep to manage šŸ™‚

So back to grateful Friday. If anyone wants to join in feel free, just link back to me in the post. I started it because I saw a post by here we are together and thought it was a link one and did it too then realised it wasn’t! I enjoy it though, so I’ve carried on!

The things I’m grateful for this week are –

– sleep. As mentioned above. The simple things are the most important!

– autumn days. Bright, crisp and clear – I like wrapping up, going out and about and then coming back home in the warm and snuggling or doing quiet activities (some pictures of some of our activities at bottom of post).

– my blog. I love recording the little things in our lives in a place where I can look back at them whenever I want.

– seeing my lovely friend for tea. We’ve been friends a long time, and I always enjoy seeing her.

– chocolate. I’ve eaten far too much of it this week since we got so much at Halloween! It tastes so good though, and as I’m breastfeeding still I figure I’ve got an excuse to eat it.

Looking forward to a few things next week too. Its family film night tonight, Two friends are coming from work tomorrow, and me and Craig are having a ‘date night’ tomorrow night which happens rarely and I feel excited about.




2 responses to “Grateful Friday..

  1. I have almost stopped breastfeeding and am a bit gutted as it’s becoming clear that i can’t eat nearly as much chocolate anymore!
    Have a fab date night tomorrow!! x

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