Some random photo practice


I’ve got a new camera to try out from my fantastic boyfriend – he’s borrowed it to see if its something I would like for Xmas. It’s a Samsung Galaxy so like a hybrid really. It looks gorgeous – I did want a DSLR camera, but I’ve been trying this and so wanted to share some of the photos I’m pleased with 🙂 they are a little blurry, but I’m still practicing and learning what the camera can do. It’s just a random assortment to be honest. There’s some of Rosie, some of the result of playing with rice yesterday, and some from the garden.

I’m liking this camera but still deciding if I want a ‘proper’ camera or if this one is better – it has Dropbox and Instagram on it, and uses the Internet. Plus it’s not too expensive so I won’t worry about taking it out and about. The photos look good, and it is simple to use for a beginner like me. However, I worry that in a year ill want to change it again, if I do start to take photography more seriously as I do it more. I’ll try it out for a bit longer before I decide I think. It has loads of pre loaded effects – I love the ‘micro’ setting which makes close up really clear and blurs the background. I also love the panorama setting on this camera. Not so sure about photos indoors /in darker settings but I figure that’s a problem with most cameras, so to just avoid taking them in the dark!

What camera does everyone else use? Up to now I’ve just used my iPhone.



3 responses to “Some random photo practice

  1. I have a “proper” camera we bought to take to Disney and tbh I don’t know how to use it so actually take better photos with my phone. I have the iPhone 5S and am loving the feature of holding down the button so lots are taken at once – great for those motion shots which always go blurry for me. Which iPhone are you using?

    • I don’t even know what hone. Have, but it doesn’t do lots of photos at once! It’s not a bad camera, but it does have limitations. I think I’ve decided that I do like this Samsung galaxy though, it just fits my needs 🙂 I think if I got a proper camera it would just confuse me too!xx

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