An autumn poem


When we saw the centerparcs blogger challenge this month i couldn’t help but want to take part. I love centerparcs – we’ve been 3 times before to Sherwood forest, and would love to visit again – its so relaxed and family friendly. We read the tips by Emma, and decided that our favourite was the ‘play outside’ and that’s the tip we decided to use to gain inspiration for our autumn poem. So, we went for a lovely family walk, and when we came back I spent a week some time writing a poem I was happy with. I hope you enjoy it.

Ps: if you’re wondering about the title, it’s a direct quote from my older daughter – I had to use that as it meant so much to me!

‘Im giving you a leaf because I love you’

Cool, crisp days with skies bright blue,
Wrap up, hats on, go for a walk.
Treasure to find, so much to do,
The perfect time to laugh and talk.

Autumn has a lovely pace,
Shimmering sun and leafy light.
Steamed up breath, cool air, red face
Feeling renewed by the winds crisp bite.

My girl gives gifts to show her love,
An acorn or bouquet of leaves.
A world of magic up above,
Rich red, bare brown, treats from the trees.

Back home again, pull a blanket round us,
We relax and make each other smile.
Watch films, read books, day turns to dusk,
A content quiet that lasts a while.

Around the corner, Christmas beckons,
It whispers, and we start to think
of festive treats and special moments,
presents, family, food and drink.

This is my entry into the Centerparcs and Tots100 November challenge. If I am chosen I would like to visit Sherwood Forest.


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