Grateful Friday


This week I’m listing the things I’m grateful for earlier than usual, as in an hour we are setting off to Eureka for my little girls 4th birthday day out treat 🙂 I’m grateful that we are able to do that, although that isn’t listed!

So, this week I’m grateful for:

1. (Top left picture) film night. In this picture Amelia was amazed at a princess in the film we were watching. This has quickly become a really nice night – we have microwave popcorn, Amelia chooses a film and we all turn off technology and watch together. Bedtime is usually a bit later too. Amelia asks when it’s film night all week now.

2. (Middle picture) Diwali. Amelia has been learning all about it at nursery and came home wanting to recreate some of it. So we drew pictures, and she told us all about what she learnt. I’m grateful for different kinds of celebrations, and I’m grateful for different cultures as it made my girl so excited and encouraged me to research what it is too.

3. (Bottom left picture) Weaning. Rosie is doing well with weaning now – she’s eating a rice cake in the picture, and I was amazed that she managed to chew the lot until it was gone! She’s also had fruit loaf, toast and a Sunday dinner mashed up with us. She’s loving her food so far!

4. Autumn days. (Right hand picture). We went for a walk on this day to the beach, it was a lovely bright clear day and we all enjoyed getting out and enjoying nature. I won’t write too much about it though as my previous post was a poem all about it for the Centerparcs competition!

Hope you have a lovely weekend – we have Amelia’s birthday tea party on Sunday, I’m sure there is going to be lots of fun and excitement on her birthday, so will update about it all soon



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