Sorry about all the photos – Our day at Eureka!


We went to Eureka in Halifax today, and since we had a lovely day out I wanted to write a review of it. I have not been paid, recompensed or even asked to do this review, I just wanted to share my opinions after a lovely day out! This is the website for Eureka! if you are interested. The brief description is that Eureka is a childrens museum, designed to be a fun, learning experience for children aged 0-11 (I think!) so here’s our thoughts:

Things I loved about Eureka!
– The staff. They were brilliant. From the man who we bought our tickets from (he was really funny, and took the time to speak to Amelia, the best service I’ve ever had when entering somewhere) to the cafe staff, who gave us our slice of cake, then came back to us as they felt it was too small and brought an extra bit to make it bigger – now that’s never happened before!) the staff were friendly and went above and beyond their job role. If anyone from eureka reads this, praise should be given to your staff, they’re great!

– It’s clean. Everywhere was clean, and I liked that.

– The ‘my body’ section. We spent ages in there – it was really cleverly designed, and there are all sorts of little touches that you notice while exploring, from the fishes on the floor (we loved that!) to little displays on the wall.

– The creative room. I thought that there was all sorts in there and I really like the idea of a creative / quieter are for kids.

– Story time. A nice small time out from a busy day.

– The food. The food at the cafe was really good – freshly prepared, very tasty and a good selection.

Things Amelia liked about Eureka:

– The pond on the floor – as mentioned above, she had great fun trying to catch the swimming fish!
– The shop – all the children seemed to really like this, pushing and filling their own trolleys.
– The desert garden -we had to go visit this area twice!
– The body scanner in the body section.
– the butterfly painting screen in the garden play area. We painted about 10 butterflies and watched them all flying around on the big screen.
The kitchen – this play kitchen is huge – bigger (and nicer!) than our kitchen at home.
The stage (which was actually my least favourite area as it could do with a bit of updating I think.)

– it’s a bit far to come to regularly (an hour and 40 minutes) and so it’s a special day out rather than somewhere we could get to regularly.
– the cafe is quite small and theres not a huge amount of seating. We had to wait to find seats, and it was a Friday in term time so not massively busy. I could imagine this being a problem on weekends or in the holidays. I can understand why this is the case however, it’s just a bit of a shame.

I really enjoyed our day out here. It was a special treat for our girls 4th birthday and would recommend to others as it really was good. It’s not a huge space, but its very cleverly designed to use all of the space there is, and there is something for children of all ages. On a sunny day there’s also an outdoor sandpit and sensory garden which it was a bit too cold to use.



One response to “Sorry about all the photos – Our day at Eureka!

  1. Love Eureka! so much to do, brilliant. Don’t apologise best way to show it off is in photos.

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