Christmas planning (if you hate the C word before December look away now!)


For me, Christmas planning starts as soon as Amelia’s birthday ends. Her birthday is just over 5 weeks before Christmas and for me once the excitement of her birthday is over, it’s the perfect time to step up the planning. Her birthday was yesterday, so here’s the plan!

Friday 22nd November – make Christmas cards with Amelia. I’m going to get some materials ready and then just let her do what she wants. I also want to try to make something with Rosie’s hands if I can get her to keep still enough to make hand prints!

Friday 29th November – make Christmas tree decorations. We’ve made decorations before, but its good to build them up over time 🙂 I Will look for what materials we need, and find some ideas so that we are ready.

Friday 6th December – make a couple of small home made gifts (think more about this so we know what we are doing!)

Friday 13th December – make some home decorations, or finish gifts. Put up tree and house decs.

Friday 20th December – baking day – mince pies, gingerbread men for tree. Maybe something with cinnamon.

Week 6 – 23 and 24th December.

Each Friday between now and Christmas I have planned a different craft to do with Amelia. Card making kicks it off – I will then blog each week and link it up to the festive friday linky. Im excited just thinking about it 🙂

I also have loads planned for myself – making my own cards, a couple of gifts, boxes, shopping etc too which i will blog in between I’m sure, but it gives me a headache thinking about it all so I’m keeping it simple for now!

Here is to a crafty and fun Christmas (hopefully!) xxx


4 responses to “Christmas planning (if you hate the C word before December look away now!)

  1. Oh wow you have lots of exciting ideas and things planned. I adore christmas and December is an exciting month for us. We have a festive day the first week of December and I get lots of stuff ready, thats for us when it all starts to get really exciting and magical. x

  2. That all sounds wonderful. I love Christmas too. I start my shopping in November but everything else, I save for December. Every year, I can’t wait though.

  3. These plans look lovely! We get our tree up at the start of December, as Boo now insists upon that! I’ve not made mince pies before, but plan to this year – I think I’m the only on in the house that likes them, but I don’t see why that would stop me!

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