Festive Friday – homemade Xmas cards


First things first, anyone who is likely to be receiving one of these cards (mum!) look away and don’t read this post!

Today I made Xmas cards with Amelia as part of the Festive Friday Linky. i want to have a crafty christmas as I’m on maternity leave this year, and to do that I wanted to get started early as I seem to have so many ideas in my head 🙂 The pictures show our results. I suppose they are just typical kids cards really, but I’m still proud of Amelia’s efforts and so wanted to blog it! I think she’s done some really pretty cards (with a bit of help from me of course!)

We used a few ideas that I’ve seen on other blogs – the baubles idea was from red ted art, and the reindeer hands idea I’ve seen too here and wanted to make as i thought it would make a lovely card. I have to admit that this card is my favourite out of all the ones we have made, and i may have to try to get Amelia to make another 1(or 2) of these. I’d like one for myself as a picture rather than a card, using all of our handprints too. See what I mean about having so many ideas?!

We had a lot of fun today making these cards – Amelia really enjoyed decorating with the glitter glue. I wanted to try a snowman too, but Amelia didn’t want to do that so we didn’t. But now I think we have enough cards to send out to our families from Amelia and Rosie, so mission accomplished.

I’m making some of mine tomorrow night, along with my two sisters and a bit of mulled wine (well – if I get around to making it!) and maybe some kind of baking, so I’m sure the results will be blogged soon!

Let me know what you think 🙂

Festive Friday at Thinly Spread



2 responses to “Festive Friday – homemade Xmas cards

  1. I love, love, LOVE your reindeer hands! Gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking this post to Festive Friday 🙂

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