Meal planning Monday…

I don’t join in with meal planning every week but it helps me when I do. When i have a plan I know what I’m making and there’s less waste (I hate wasting food) and I know what to get out ready to cook etc. So I’ve planned my weekly meals this week, it’s nothing particularly special but is kind of a typical week for us. I’ve also tried to make meals that I can mash up easily for my 7 month old baby, as I’m trying to make it easier for myself and make sure she has a good varied diet too 🙂 So here’s the plan:

Monday – sausage casserole – not had this for ages. Going to make double to freeze half for next week too 🙂 I make it with couscous. Perfect for Rosie too, it can be mashed for her to eat it.

Tuesday – spaghetti bolognaise. Making double again for next week and again I’ve not had this in ages. Again fine for Rosie to eat.

Wednesday – tuna pasta with sweet corn and mayo. Easy, quick tea. Rosie can eat the pasta as finger food.

Thursday – pie and vegetables – we have loads of carrots to use, and got frozen vegetables in the freezer.

Friday – film night so I reckon hot dogs will be perfect 🙂

Saturday – fish, new potatoes and Sweetcorn. We scoop out a bit of fish, take a potato out of the skin, and mash up a bit of sweet corn for Rosie.

Sunday – hopefully we will get an invite for Sunday dinner somewhere lol. If not, I have a pork joint in the freezer so will do a quick east dinner.

I’ve added this post to the at home with Mrs M .

Meal Planning Monday


4 responses to “Meal planning Monday…

  1. I’m so impressed with your meal planning organisation, I may just have to do the same myself!

  2. Now that’s my type of meal plan! All my fave meals x

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