The one where I made gift tags..


I thought I was being organised – bought presents (not quite all, but I’m doing okay), bought wrapping paper ( a bargain – £3 for 2 12 meter rolls from wilkos) and I bought pretty ribbon. So what did. Forget? Gift tags. I did look at some, but somehow forgot to pick them up. I do hate spending money on stuff like that.

So once my presents were wrapped I decided I’d make gift tags. And it was easy, took about an hour and I think adds a home made element to the gifts and shows the recipients that I love them as I took the time to make something I could have bought.

Here’s what I did:

1. Step one – cut out a shape from a thick card. I make cards as a hobby so I had thick card and circle cutter. However, old Xmas cards, cardboard or a thinner card would work too. I used a circle shape cutter too, but you could cut them by hand. This would add a lot to the time but could be done.

2. Cut out the same number of circles from some pretty paper. Left over wrapping paper would be good – I bought some cheap paper from Wilkos for making cards in a few days.

3. Stick together. I used double sided tape, but I think glue would work too if that’s what you have.

4. Make a hole, and thread with ribbon or string.

5. Write on them and Sellotape to gifts. Done.

I’m actually really pleased with these tags. The same method can also be used for Xmas tree decorations, but by decorating both sides of a shape. I’m going to try this when I do my Xmas tree decorations too.p, using different shapes.

Let me know what you think 🙂




2 responses to “The one where I made gift tags..

  1. These are seriously cute, I will have a go at making them! Lovely idea! xx

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