No more stats…

I’ve been thinking all day about blogging. More specifically, at why I’ve been blogging.

I’ve had a bit of a confidence crisis in the last week. I love blogging, and I like my blog (I always want to twiddle,but overall I enjoy reading it back) and although still pretty new, I’m enjoying it. I especially like getting to know other people through their blogs, and knowing that I’m not alone in some of the opinions or feelings I have.

But – lately I’ve started looking at stats. And suddenly, as soon as I did my blog went from ‘fun’ to being more like an added pressure. I felt like I had to blog, wondered why my followers didn’t go up more, wondered if people liked or hated my posts. And my blog. And me.

I was thinking today of stopping blogging. Or making my blog private, just for me. To get rid of the pressure. Because my blog will never be a ‘popular’ blog. I don’t know enough about marketing it, and I don’t have anything unique to make it stand out. I’m just me, writing about me. That’s not for everyone, and I know that. But I don’t want to stop writing, and i enjoy sharing my thoughts, even if nobody reads.

So from today, I’m not checking stats. I might have a look at my tots100 score each month (not that it matters) but I’m not checking how many page views etc i have. Because as tiaras and prozac says in a much better way than I just have, otherwise the numbers eat the words.

I am me, and I’m blogging for me. If anyone reads, fantastic, I love to hear what you think. If people don’t – well, I read my own blog. (And my mum does, so that’s one person I know will always follow me at least!) other than than, I’m not playing the stats game anymore – it’s not a competition – that’s not why I started and it’s boring. I blog what I want, when I want and in the way that I want. Because that’s all that matters.



2 responses to “No more stats…

  1. Yeah! Stats can make one off track on blogging purpose! At times my stats are low, I just have to remember that my purpose in blogging is and I think I am on the right track.

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