Things they say part two…

I wanted to add some more funny things that Amelia has said in the last couple of weeks 🙂

1. We were watching a film on family film night. I asked if she would like to live there. She replied ‘no, I like our world. And I don’t want to go and live in the TV anyway.’

2. On her birthday – ‘did my number 3 go to a different little girl?’

3. A conversation between Amelia and her dad:
‘Dad I’m annoyed.
‘What are you annoyed with?’
‘The plug.’
‘Why are you annoyed with the plug?’
‘It’s not doing as its told.’

4. She made this song up and was singing it over and over for a few days:
– here we go walking
On Halloween
Down the street
What’s that
It’s a ghost.

5. Coming inside, Amelia could see the inside door handle. She was amazed that the inside door handle also moves when the outside door handle is pushed down. We had to try this from both sides.

6. I told her off for doing her angry face (she has a really scary angry face lol) and she replied ‘sorry mum, I’m just stressed today.’

7. I let Amelia watch the my little donkey video on YouTube and she called me the best mum in the world for it.

8. When we put the Xmas tree up, Amelia was so excited. She spent ages helping us with decorations, and said that she is so happy that she wants to cry (and she nearly as crying!) as we never say or do that I don’t know where she’s for it from, unless its genuine. I like to think it is.



One response to “Things they say part two…

  1. These have got to be one of my favourite posts that you do. . I love reading her quotes x

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