Note to self…

To myself,

Now that you’ve just spent a ridiculous amount of money that you don’t really have on joining a gym, use it. Don’t be full of enthusiasm for 2 weeks and then lose motivation and interest. Don’t make excuses like ‘it’s cold / I don’t have time / I need to do something else (like eat cake). Go to the gym. You deserve this time, and your body needs to be healthier and fitter. Your thighs are getting wobbly (I’ve always been okay with my thighs before!) and your tummy has no muscles left, and you need time for you.

Set a timetable. Stick to it. Go when you don’t want to go. You might not fit in 5 times a week (never going to happen) but go at least 3 times. Craig has 2 days off – you have no excuse on those days. And one evening after work – you usually only sit on your bum once girls are in bed anyway.

Enjoy it. Enjoy getting fitter,being healthier and not having to force your jeans up round your thighs and tummy. Enjoy feeling confident because even if your body isn’t perfect, you know that you work hard to keep it as it is. Enjoy having time to yourself, time out to think of just you. Because you deserve some time to look after yourself. Sometimes you spend all our time looking after your girls and house. You need to remember that you are important too.

And stop writing to yourself. That’s just weird 🙂

Seriously – I’ve joined a gym (3 month membership for now.) it’s the one I really like, with a lovely swimming pool and hot tub and steam room. I want and need to get fit, and now that Rosie is getting older and not feeding quite as much I deserve it. So paying for this was my Xmas treat t myself – instead of a ‘big shop’ for Xmas I’ll do my usual shop with just a few specific extra bits (mince pies, real butter, cheese, stuff for a cooked breakfast, crumpets and fresh orange!) and not go crazy.

I weighed myself this morning. I weigh 10.10 now – it’s crept up from 10.2 to now, and so it’s time to bring it back down. I don’t feel unhappy with myself (I really believe that what anyone looks like doesn’t matter if they are happy) but I can feel that i’m getting to a point where I’m unhappy so I wanted to address it first. I know it’s silly in one way joining a gym right before Xmas, but if i let myself put on another 5 pounds (the average amount gained over Xmas) i know I’d feel rubbish. So I’m doing it now, with a focus on maintaining my weight not losing weight. And after Xmas ill try to lose slowly. But I don’t care – if I’m exercising I don’t care if I weigh the same, my body will still change anyway.

I’m starting to babble so I’m going now, before I bore you any further 🙂



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