Our Christmas…


I wasn’t going to do a Christmas post as I wasn’t sure if it would be boring for others, but I wanted to write down my memories of this year – my Rosie’s first Xmas, my Amelia’s 4th.

I have had a brilliant Xmas – it isn’t magical now in the same way as when I was a child. Over time Xmas has changed, shifted. Instead of gifts, now it’s about family and about being together. It’s about laughter, relaxing, films, craft and playing. It’s about eating chocolate at breakfast time, hot chocolate and spending every night wrapping gifts. It’s about anticipation. Its about love, and thanking everyone in my life for making me so vey lucky.

These have been my favourite bits of this Xmas:
– laying on either side of the sofa watching ‘splash’ with Amelia under the blanket on Xmas eve.
– Amelia and Rosie getting their new pjs and putting them on – Amelia had red love heart ones, Rosie had a ‘I love cuddles’ baby grow.
– Amelia looking out of the window looking for Santa (and she saw him a few times!)
– putting Amelia to bed, she said she heard the reindeer on the roof. I said that they don’t come until she’s asleep. She closed her eyes and said ‘mummy, say oh look at Amelia, she’s asleep.’ Trying to trick Santa lol.
– Xmas morning when Amelia saw that Santa had filled her stocking.
– Rosie sitting in the box that her presents had been put into (they were layered between paper rather than wrapped up.)
– seeing my family over Christmas.
– Amelia calling her new furby ‘purjy.’
– Xmas films.
– a lovely Xmas dinner at Craig’s parents house.
– presents πŸ™‚

I got allsorts of gifts – waterproofs, bake off book, perfume, a onesie, pjs, simple products, a camera from Craig. Loads more but I won’t bore you all. And my girls loved everything too, although Amelia did point out that she didn’t receive the chocolate coin maker she asked for. Other than that she got all she wanted and more.

Got a little bit of Xmas left that I’m determined to enjoy πŸ™‚ having a small get together New Year’s Eve, and we have toys to play with, tidying to do and films to watch. I love this time of year!





5 responses to “Our Christmas…

  1. That sounds like a pretty perfect Christmas. Love the photos x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day and received lots of lovely presents. Great post, something to look back on x

  3. Sounds like a lovely Christmas! Thanks for linking up at #ShareItSundays x

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