Looking back…

We have had a busy few years! Last new year I was pregnant with little Rosie, so 2013 saw her arrival. We have completed our family, and i will always feel blessed to have my girls. Also in 2013 we finished decorating the bathroom, and we got another chunk done in the garden – took a step back to move forward, but we are slowly making progress with it. Very slowly!

So, my new aims for the year are:

1. Be consistent.
– By this I’m really talking about my health. I’m not too bad, but I easily let things distract me from being healthy – I struggle to say no to ‘treats’ and struggle to be motivated all year round to d enough exercise. So my aim is to do whatever I do consistently this year and not start and stop. I want to be healthier and fitter by 2014, and so to do this I want to be able to make time for myself throughout the whole year. This won’t be easy, but if I stick to it it will be worth it.

2. Be healthier.
On the whole we have mastered healthy meals I think – but my diet has too many snacks (which I tell myself are treats) and this is what I want to tackle. Instead of eating crap, my aim is to have a planned two healthy snacks each day, and other than that stick to just my meals (and make sure the portions aren’t too big!) if I do this i’ll have a good diet.

3. Make time for what I enjoy. I have a lot of hobbies – reading, cross stitching, cards, blogging. I tend to do these when the girls are asleep. I’d like to look into a sewing class, and I just want to make sure I am making the most of ‘my’ time and not wasting it too much.

4. Concentrate on making the house nice. We have so much we need to do in the house we live in that its hard to know where to start. But this year I want to focus on doing as much as possible. We plan on boarding the attic (storage is a major issue since Rosie has moved into what was our spare room!), decorate the living room to be exactly what we want, and hopefully later in the year the hallway. And more in the garden over the summer 🙂 loads of plans, but every room in this house (except the bathroom!) need work, and so we are focusing on a couple of rooms each year, money allowing.

So there you go 🙂
Happy new year! Xxx


One response to “Looking back…

  1. happy new year lovely! Great goals am deffo down with the making the most of my me time too 🙂 x

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