Post Xmas crafts


We did the simplest craft ever today. But my 4 year old really loved it, and so I thought I would share, as its so cheap and easy and we played for a good hour.

First, I used an empty chocolate box, and Amelia filled it with pom poms from a craft set. That made up the box of chocolates. We planned to trick Craig when he got home from work – offer him a chocolate that is actually a Pom Pom – Amelia got so excited to do this.

Then I put some Pom poms onto sticks to make ‘lollys.’

Then I laid them out as a shop. I was the shop keeper, she was the ‘castamer’ (new word for customer!) – she even found her pink bag with some pennies in it, and we made the craft box the till. She kept coming into the room, buying the chocolates and lollies, paying, then returning them. I added in a little sneaky counting of the pennies too to encourage a bit of learning 🙂

So simple, but really fun for Amelia, which is what I wanted today.

Oh, and as soon as Craig got home she ‘tricked’ him with the chocolates, she enjoyed that.

It his game can basically be done with anything, and really did make for an enjoyable and peaceful afternoon.



2 responses to “Post Xmas crafts

  1. Awww that sounds like a lovely afternoon, my 2 year old is just getting into proper role play games now so I’m loving starting to play shops and things! L x

  2. That’s fun haha! Tricking the dad! Good game!

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