The ordinary moments


This is a new ordinary moment for us, but one that so far I really love. It’s so simple, just doing a puzzle or two with Amelia, my older daughter while baby Rosie is having her nap. But me and Amelia are both enjoying these moments so much – I love doing a peaceful activity which she is learning from, working together to get to the end result. We only do them for 15-20 minutes each day (generally at Amelia’s request), but I really am enjoying it, and hope that this is one of our ordinary moments for a long time to come. I just gives us a bit of time out from the rush of daily life, and is full of talking, teasing, laughing and contentment.

I have also seen progress in just the week we have been doing these puzzles. Amelia is generally wary of getting things wrong, and relies on me a lot to guide her. At first she wouldn’t choose her own pieces but today doing these puzzles she was happily having a go at fitting pieces together, and she got quite a few right – there were times when i was really impressed with how she did. And in turn, I’m learning to step back, not to rush her, and to let her have a go and get it wrong rather than stepping in straight away to correct her. I like how such a simple activity is giving us new memories, which I hope to treasure for always.

This post will be added to the ordinary moments linky, which is a weekly linky capturing those ordinary moments which in the future will be the most precious memories. After all, it’s the ordinary which is really the extraordinary. If you want to join in pop over to the lovely mummydaddymeand join in 🙂



11 responses to “The ordinary moments

  1. Playing with your big girl while the little one sleeps is just so precious isn’t it! I love the things I can do with Kitty that just aren’t appropriate for Elma,even if it’s just curling up for story time together

  2. We were quite anti-puzzles after they kept getting mixed up and with pieces being lost. I caved this year and got my boys some more which are already muddled but we had great fun putting them together, such a lovely quiet relaxing activity to do together isn’t it x

    • I do find it relaxing – was thinking of getting a puzzle for myself! We keep them in their separate boxes too, so far they haven’t gotten muddled up. When they do though it will add to the challenge I guess 🙂 xxx

  3. I love the tiger came to tea jigsaw! Actually doing jigsaws is one of my favourite things but i need to take a step back too and let F figure them out, he’s getting so good now! x

  4. We’ve moved on with LP from wooden in the hole jigsaws to big floor puzzles too but she hasn’t got a clue yet – she prefers to take the pieces out of the box and put them back in again!

  5. It’s wonderful having one on one time with them isn’t it? Especially when you can work together and see how stimulated and how much fun they are having from learning? We are big puzzle fans here too and Father Christmas bought us a couple of new nice ones that we have been enjoying. xx

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