The ordinary moments


My ordinary moment for this week is about the current obsession my 4 year old has. She’s discovered Netflix on my iPad, and she can’t get enough of it. I limit it a lot, but occasionally it’s great, as I can get on with sorting tea out or getting Rosie ready and she will watch Netflix. She loves strawberry, and a mermaid series on there, as well as barbie in the dream house.

I never showed her how to use it, she just figured it out herself one day. She’s taken to going to her hiding place (see photo!) to watch the programmes. Probably as in her mind if I can’t see her I won’t know she’s on it and tell her she’s had enough time on the iPad for the day 🙂

I must admit that I don’t like her to watch too much TV / Netflix. But this is just something she enjoys, and in moderation I don’t mind it. And I do think its cute when I come in and she’s laid behind the chair with a children’s film on. She still has loads of time playing and imagining, and doing things, but this, among so much else, is one of the things she likes.

I have linked this post up as always to mummydaddyme, recording our ordinary moments.




5 responses to “The ordinary moments

  1. Ahh love her little hiding place!! F is obsessed with the ipad too and would spend all day on YouTube if he could! x

  2. I LOVE her hiding place, and think it’s wonderful that all kids seem to have one (my kids love hiding out under the stairs). We don’t have an ipad, but my kids keep nicking my husband’s phone when he’s not looking to play games on it

  3. We are massive iPad fans here too- Mads loves it and we have a little routine where I let her watch it after nap time for 40 minutes. She gets so excited about playing with it, playing apps and watching different cartoons! I love her hiding place too! x

  4. This is so sweet bless her being camped out behind the sofa :)!! It’s amazing how quickly kids pick up and can use iPads isn’t it!! Arthur loves to look at and swipe stuff on the iPad already, I think we would be fighting a losing battle if we tried to ban it completely!!

  5. Loving the hiding place! Lovely photos 🙂

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