Healthy eating week four…


A quick one this week. I’ve actually been doubting myself all week – my head has been telling me that I’m not doing well, that I’m going to fail, and that I could do better. I’ve tried to ignore it, and on the whole have managed to, but it made me feel that I wasn’t going to see much of a change this week.

I was wrong. I’ve just weighed in and lost another pound this week. I’m so pleased – it’s not a huge amount, but actually since January when I started porridge on tuesday I’ve lost weight every week. And on the whole it’s been really easy – I’ve had the occasional bad meal, but overall my meals are really good. And I love going to the gym, that’s my ‘me time’ and I like feeling like I’m pushing myself and getting healthier and fitter.

Here are my stats so far:
Starting weight: 10.13
Week one weigh in:10.9
Week two weigh in: 10.8
Week three weigh in:10.7
Today’s weigh in:10.6

At the top I’ve added an example ‘menu’ from one day. Here’s what they are:
Breakfast – frozen berries, natural yogurt, a handful of porridge oats. Mix together and put n fridge overnight – the berries defrost and it’s ready to eat in the morning. I have this 2/3 times a week, cornflakes the rest of the time.

Lunch – this day we had turkey wraps and salad. We added cheese which wasn’t in the photo, but I was careful not to have too much. We love lunches like this, although only once a week – usually it’s just sandwiches and fruit and soup!

Tea – baked jacket potato with tuna mixed with spring onion and cherry tomatoes. We eat loads of tuna – this is simple but really filling and tasty.



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