Feel Good Friday…

Before Christmas I was doing ‘grateful Friday.’ I stopped at Christmas, but I’ve decided to reintroduce it, as I love being able to look back on each week, and focus on the good things that have happened. Doing this on a Friday means that I can then look forward and have a good feeling going into the weekend.

So, to start off, these are my positives of the last week:

1. I’ve applied for a job promotion at work. Now, I’m not entirely sure If this is the best idea I’ve ever had – I return to work in March, and a promotion post came up which I found out about last week. I’m a social worker with older adults At the minute. The post is for a dementia manager, which focuses on supporting adults with dementia to remain at home for longer. It’s also about shaping policy, and taking on more responsibility for supervision etc. Anyway, long story short, I submitted my application form, and I’ve just been told that I am the only applicant and that my application form was good so will have an interview. This is good, but I’ve had butterflies ever since, and I know ill be so nervous until the interview is over with – I hate them. However, this is still positive as I think I will enioy the new job role if I get it.

2. I took Amelia and Rosie swimming again with Craig’s mum. I took Rosie for the first time last week. We went to ‘fun pool’ with a pirate ship, both girls loved it there. Rosie is a natural water baby, she was splashing and kicking her legs. She just loves the water. And Amelia has gained so much confidence since starting swimming lessons last summer. She loves the water too now, and she made a friend In the water (a little girl) and she went down the slide a few times. It was fun, and we went to the cafe afterwards and I treated Amelia to a cookie.

3. I also took the girls to soft play by myself for the first time since having Rosie. It was okay – Rosie was smiling and laughing at the other babies in the ball pool, and Amelia was absolutely fine going off by herself, and she just kept popping back to us every now and again. I will have to try to do this again next week!

4. Progress is being made on creating storage in the attic. This has been a longer project that I thought, as we had to move the hatch to our room, make it bigger, and clear, insulate and board out the attic. This is because we just don’t have space for everything. Since Rosie came along we have nowhere to put all of Craig’s stuff – he loves his computer stuff. But, the hatch is now almost finished, we are over half way there. A couple of weeks and it should be finished I reckon 🙂

5. My healthy eating and exercise has gone pretty well this week. Not perfect (is anything?!) but overall I’ve been healthy loads more than unhealthy, and my eating habits have been pretty good overall. I don’t expect a big loss tomorrow as I have slipped up a few times but if there’s a slight loss or no change ill be happy this week. And I’m at the gym tomorrow again,p. I love going to the gym!

These are my positives for this week.


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