More Amelia-isms…

1. Listening to a (bad) song in the car:
A – ‘mum I think the cd is scratched, or the songs have gone a bit dizzy.’

2. Amelia’s dad is currently boarding out the attic. Amelia thinks he is building a space rocket in the attic, and that the body suit he wears because of the dust is a space suit.

3. Also relating to the attic, Amelia told her dad that he has ‘broken the house’ when he made a new hatch hole.

4. Amelia came into our bedroom at about 1am. She went to her Dad and said ‘dad, tell mummy I love her’ and then went back to bed.

5. Amelia is currently obsessed with frozen a soundtrack after watching the film at the pictures – we downloaded the songs, and we play the, all of the time. Amelia gets into the character and sings the words, really loudly and always out of tune, while dancing around. I love watching her (and I actually love the soundtrack too!)

6. Amelia is very loving at the moment – she tells us she loves us lots of times each day. I never tire of it.

7. We baked today then she was washing up. I got a bit cross as I hadn’t actually added the hot water yet. Amelia got cross back and shouted ‘well I didn’t know, I’m just a kid.’ Made me laugh anyway.




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