The ordinary moments – smiles.


It’s such an ordinary thing. Baby smiles. But this is something I know ill never forget. I may not remember every smile Rosie has ever given me, but for my whole life ill never forget my smiling newborn, and my happy baby. Ill never forget how naturally smiling comes for her. I’ll never forget how she brightens up my day with just one cheeky, eye crinkling, chubby cheeked grin.

You see, my oldest girl was different. She smiled of course, but she wasn’t a natural smiler. Her smiles as a baby were like a reward – you had to work to get one, and smiling at strangers (or even non strangers!) was often out of the question. At times i wished she would be smiley, but this just wasn’t part of her personality. Rosie on the other hand smiles all the time, easily. She smiles at the other parents during the school run, smiles at strangers, and basically at anyone. It’s still a novelty for me, this smiler of mine. And I enjoy this part of her personality so much – the world is just such a bright, happy place for her, and her smiles make my day bright too.

As always, I have joined in with mummydaddyme, the ordinary moments, to capture the ordinary moments which are the ones I will always want to remember.


14 responses to “The ordinary moments – smiles.

  1. She is so precious! Lovely smile. My two were the same, my first never smiled I had to really work hard at it all the time. My second, never stops shining those teeth at everyone and has done since the moment she was born. You can’t beat a good baby smile, even if we have to work at them sometimes. lol Great ordinary moment to cherish.

  2. Beautiful photo! Baby smiles are really something to treasure 🙂

  3. This is lovely!!! A little smile can really turn a day around can’t it! X

  4. This is so lovely! How wonderful that you have a naturally smiley baby. Enjoy!

  5. Ah beautiful. What a lovely post. I find writing my ordinary moments post each week is helping me to make note of the things I want remember as my baby grows.

  6. Lovely photo, beautiful smile! My little girl is a charmer too, it’s lovely to see them interact with others isn’t it, you feel really proud 🙂 #TheOrdinaryMoments

  7. This is just so beautiful, her smile is so lovely. Both of my girls have been smiley at everyone when they were babies but Mads the last year or so you have to work a lot harder to get one off her. You can’t beat newborn smiles and baby ones, LL still makes me melt when she offers me a big grin! x

    • Thank you, it’s great. Your two girls both have beautiful smiles too, I love seeing the photos you take of them. It inspires me to try harder to capture what I love about my two through photography (although I’m still very much a beginner!) xxx

  8. Aww, it’s so true, baby smiles are the best! I’m going to miss Toby’s big gummy grin when his teeth (eventually) start to appear!

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