Siblings, month two


This month I wanted to capture something that makes me smile everyday. My oldest daughter sharing with her baby sister. She does this all the time – gives her tastes of her food, shares fruit and raisins and plays toys with her.

The photos show a moment when we were in the car; we were waiting for my sister who was in the dentist. I’d taken some raisins for Amelia while we were in the car. She wanted to share with Rosie so I let her out of her seatbelt and she stood and shared the raisins between them – it was a nice moment to watch, and comes so naturally for her. My two girls really do have a natural friendship that I hope they don’t lose over time.

I love that Amelia is thinking of her sister as well as herself, and is never greedy with her things, she makes sure Rosie shares what she has.

I love my girls.

I have joined in the the siblings linky, started by a number of bloggers including mummydaddyme. It captures siblings together once a month to see how they change over time. Feel free to join in too! Xxx



7 responses to “Siblings, month two

  1. Ahh, these are such lovely photos, such a lovely moment and I adore that quote too. It sounds like she is a lovely, caring and sharing big sister. Thanks for linking up to Siblings. x

  2. Such sweet pictures. What a nice big sister x

  3. i love seeing sisters like this, my big girl is very similar with her sister and tries to share everything. like little mothers arent they?

  4. So cute! There’s always something so special about the older child sharing with the smallest, and vice versa.

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