Bucket list

I’ve thought about doing this post for ages, and never quite got round to it. But today I’m in absolute agony with neck pain – this is the second day I’ve had it and I’m struggling to move, let alone look after my two girls (at the minute one is napping, the other has gone out with her grandad, thank God.) It really is hard – I’ve shouted at Amelia today (proper shouted) because instead of coming downstairs to play in the room where I could keep an eye on what mess she was making she went upstairs and ignored me. I feel awful that I can’t plan activities, can’t play with them and can’t take them out because of this neck. If its no better tomorrow ill be going to a and e or the out of hours doctors I think.

Anyway, I digress.

Because of that, I’ve realised that we take health for granted – it could be gone, just like that. So I’m going to write my list of things I want to do in the next few years, and come back to update and tick off what I’ve done from time to time. Some of these we already have planned (for example, we have a Centerparcs holiday booked – cant wait!) but I’ve still put it as we haven’t actually been yet. So here goes:

1. Take the girls on a camping holiday.
2. Have an overnight stay in Liverpool with Craig.
3. Go to Centreparcs again.
4. Learn to use a sewing machine.
5. Finish my cross stitch.
6. See a west end show in London.
7. Visit my sister in law Abi in London (with Amelia).
8. Decorate the house so that it’s how we want it.
9. Get to my overall target weight (9 stone) – 1 stone to go.
10. Grow some herbs and vegetables in my garden.
11. Stay overnight in the Alton towers hotel, and go to the waterpark with the girls.
12. Go abroad.
13. Get better at running.
14. Enter and run a race (5k)
15. Go on a long bike rode.
16. Stay in a caravan.
17. Go on an overnight shopping trip with my mum and sisters.
18. Learn to make a nice soup.
19. Host a ‘proper’ dinner party (come dine with me style!)
20. Do Go Ape again.
21. Do something really romantic for Craig (book a surprise night away, or something really nice as a surprise at home.)
22. Go to the circus.
23. Spend a whole day in bed (obviously when the girls are out!)
24. Ride a horse.
25. Do something that’s for someone else (charity work.)

I think that’s it for now. I’m not a dare devil – I couldn’t do bungee jumping or anything like that. This list is just a list of my hopes and aims in the next 2 years or so (If I can do half before I’m 30 next year I’d be happy.


5 responses to “Bucket list

  1. How have you hurt your neck? Is it a trapped nerve cos they kill to the point where you can’t turn your head.
    Stay over night at alton towers is on my wishlist for this year hehe, although I’m trying to win mine :-p

  2. Great list. 4 is something I want to do too, but hasn’t quite made it to my list yet. Good luck with them. 🙂

  3. I love this idea. I sometimes get caught up in the everyday things and forget to think about more exciting things. Must try to think of a list myself.

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